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 ”Business Champion” - Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

 “Friend of the Taxpayer” - Utah Taxpayers Association

 “Top 10 most conservative House Members 2014” -

Mike Lee - United States Senator for Utah

“I know Jon Stanard has the experience needed to be a fantastic legislator. He has a strong understanding of the Constitution and the proper role of Government. I urge you to join me in supporting Jon for House District 62.” 

Gary Herbert - Governor of Utah

“Jon Stanard’s experience in Washington County will be a great benefit to the Legislature. His understanding of Southern Utah and his community involvement will make him a strong representative for the people of Washington and St. George.”

Chris Stewart - Republican Candidate For Utah’s 2nd Congressional District


Alan Gardner - Washington County Commissioner

Jim Eardley - Washington County Commissioner

Dean Cox - Washington County Administrator


Ken Neilson - Washington City Mayor

Jon Pike - St. George City Council

Gil Almquist – St. George City Council

Jimmie Hughes – St. George City Council


Becky Lockhart - Speaker of the House, Utah Legislature

Brad Dee – Majority Leader, Utah Legislature

David Clark – Past Speaker Of The House, Utah Legislature

Don Ipson - Representative Utah House District 75

Brad Last – Representative Utah House District 71

Lowry Snow – Representative Utah House District 74


Endorsed by Independence Caucus - A group of conservative activists who were key in the original Jason Chaffetz campaign, and many other high profile races around the country.  The Independence Caucus hosts events and debates for Congressional, Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidates to help educate delegates in Utah.