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Professional Experience:
 In 1996, Jon started his first company, the Dixie Direct Savings Guide.  This company has grown to be very established and well respected in Southern Utah.  As President of Dixie Direct community involvement was always a priority.   50% of all book sales went to our local schools and non-profit groups.  Dixie Direct has helped local schools and groups raise millions of dollars right here in Washington County.

He has also created several other successful businesses in Southern Utah including publications involving the building and tourism industries.  Jon knows what it takes to make a business succeed.  He has a proven track record of success, and is trusted by the local business community.

Jon knows how to establish and stay within budgets.  Every business he has owned has remained 100% debt free, only expanding when the business had the revenue to pay for it.

A few years ago, Jon sold one of his major companies (Dixie Direct), allowing him to volunteer for several years helping strong conservative candidates get elected in Utah.

Political Experience:

Several years ago, Jon became increasingly aware of and concerned about the political climate and situation of our country.  He went on a self driven quest for knowledge to learn more about our country, government and the founding fathers.  While studying political history of the 20th century, Jon became very troubled by the direction of our government.

After selling Dixie Direct, Jon decided to take action on his core beliefs by volunteering to work on the Senior Campaign Staff of Senatorial Candidate, Mike Lee as the Administrative Director.  During the campaign Jon gained a stronger knowledge of the Constitution and the proper role of government from Mike Lee. One of his primary duties on the campaign was to answer policy questions in behalf of Mike Lee.  This came naturally as Jon’s political views are closely aligned with those of Senator Lee.

During late 2010, Jon researched historical data on the Federal Budget, finding that the Federal Government would only have to go back to 2007 levels to balance the budget.  This data was used in the early stages of Mike Lee’s Balanced Budget policy.

Throughout 2010 Jon formed great friendships with many conservative leaders in Utah.  Notably was Morgan Philpot, 2010 Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District against Jim Matheson.  After Morgan’s narrow defeat to Matheson, Jon offered to help Philpot in the future.  For 2011, Jon served as the Campaign Manager for Morgan Philpot’s Congressional Exploratory Committee.

Jon is very grateful, and feels very honored to have been able to meet so many great conservative leaders in our state and nationally.  The past several years have been some of the most fulfilling in his life as he is fighting to make a difference for our children and future.

Jon is currently a precinct chair, state delegate and county delegate in Washington County.  He would like to serve in the State legislature to bring a principled conservative view, fight to restore the proper role of government, and maintain strong fiscal discipline in Utah.

I strongly support Utah’s balanced budget, and believe that due to our current economic climate, now is not the time to be increasing our State budget.  I will fight to maintain conservative social values, as well as fiscal discipline in Utah.  

Utahans know best how to manage and use our lands, and I will join with the strongest voices in the state for multiple use of our public lands.  Our state and federal officials must join together in these efforts to limit the overreach of the federal government.

-Jon Stanard