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As a small business owner in Washington County for over 18 years, I know what it takes to create a business and create jobs.  I strongly support the path of our Republican lead legislature and Governor who have helped turn Utah into one of the best places fur businesses in the country.

We need to keep our business friendly environment that fosters more innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.  We also must continue to reduce regulations that make it difficult for many businesses to compete and survive.

Another priority of mine will be to carefully look for inefficiencies in the state budget, as well as in government bidding and budgeting practices.  Too often I have seen examples where government operates in a way that would put a business out of business.

We also must protect and continue our state’s balanced budget.  Often the choices are very difficult of what gets funding and what does not, but ultimately Utahn’s agree, and so do I, that Utah must continue to balance it’s budget as it has done in the past.

When we provide the best business friendly environment in the country, as Utah has done the past few years, our economy will continue to grow, helping us to better fund education and other important needs.



Education is very important to me.  My father was a teacher as well as both of my sisters.  Many of my wife’s family are also educators.  Education is one of the most important responsibilities of the Utah Legislature.

We must do a better job working with teachers and parents at the local level in education.  We need to look to schools that are performing well, like Desert Hills High School here in St. George, which is the highest rated public High School in Utah (2012), and find out what is making them succeed.  We need to take that recipe for success and help spread it throughout the state, while maintaining the ability for each school district to have the flexibility it needs to address it’s unique challenges.


Family Values

I am a strong advocate for conservative family values.  I am Pro Life, as well as for Traditional Marriage.


Access to Public Lands

Utahns can manage our own lands.  When we do we can better-fund education, create quality jobs and preserve our southern Utah way of life.  The largest problem our state faces for properly funding the education system is the fact that 70% of our public lands are held and controlled by the Federal government.  We can not use that land, develop resources from that land, or tax that land.  We are trying to fund our state with only 30% of the state to do it.


Limited government – Restoring balance between State & Federal government.

As a republican I strongly believe that the government closest to the people governs best.  I am proud to have the endorsement of U.S. Senator Mike Lee.  While he is in Washington D.C. trying to help keep the federal government from intruding into our lives, I will be working at the Utah Capitol, helping to push them back.

This does not only apply to the federal government however.  We have to remember that our Counties and Cities have elected leaders who are closest to the needs of their citizens.  We need to allow these public entities to have the flexibility they need to do what they feel is best for their unique challenges.

We must fight to keep government from intruding into our lives and reduce burdensome regulations that make it difficult for businesses to succeed.  I strongly oppose ObamaCare, and will oppose other attempts of the federal government to push more regulation and control over our state and our lives.

It is important to have a representative who understand the proper role of government.  We need to reduce government regulations and intrusions into our life at all levels, while protecting necessary state government programs such as education.